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Online Class
2,5 days
540€  Reduced price = 350€ per person

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Advanced class for Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapists

This advanced course consists of 2 parts. The 1st part is available in the store and is a prerequisite to attend the 2nd part.

First part – Universal Soundcodes

Expanding the possibilities of using universal soundcodes in all areas, professionally and privately, for humans and animals. Soundcodes are taught that expand and deepen the possibilities of the work. The Soundcodes taught here have proven to be especially important and helpful in practice when working with people and animals.

Here are a few examples: Healing Balm, Re-centering, Guarding, Joy.

Duration: about 1 ½ hours of video material plus worksheets and audios.

This is the part that can be purchased independently of the entire Soundcode Therapy training in the store. – If you are interested, please click here…

Second part – specific soundcodes

  1. Supplementary Soundcodes for the treatments taught in the basic training. Experience shows that there are always special situations where it is helpful to be able to have these complementary soundcodes at hand. The Soundcodes have been compiled from practical experience and are a useful – and if you work regularly with soundcode therapy even necessary – addition to the material you have already received in the basic training.

Specific Soundcodes for the application on animals and humans are taught. In the case of animals, the focus will be on the horse with many of its peculiarities.

Here are a few examples of Soundcodes for humans and animals: regenerating nerves, tightening ligaments, hyoid bone, removing inflammations and many more. For horses additionally: awaken Pegasus and unicorn qualities.

  1. The third treatment for work on humans, sometimes also on animals: alignment in the horizontal plane.

Many emotional, mental and subtle levels are touched. This third treatment is – according to my experience – an important completion of the whole work.

Examples of Soundcodes: Tip of Xiphoid, horizontal and vertical alignment, dissolving thought forms.

 Since this work is a very individual one, it makes sense and I strongly advise you to get a treatment of the horizontal plane yourself before attending this training. Andrea Wirk can give you addresses of those who have agreed to offer this session for you at a special price of 80€.


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