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to the Dao-Tha Soundcode Academy, the training institute for a new, very easy to learn method to use special melodies, which we call soundcodes, to directly and specifically inform the body, mind and soul of how to function in a healthy-optimal way.

The Atlas, the first cervical vertebra, is our first, most important focus.

The Soundcodes do not physically manipulate the Atlas, – it is a specific form of music therapy. We can also work in the same way on all other physical systems: Organs, glands, nervous systems, meridians, chakras.

We work with Soundcodes for humans and animals

First, we take care of the Atlas (1st cervical vertebra), which seems to be rotated and blocked in almost all humans and mammals, and therefore can cause a variety of problems.

In humans, we then work on the tailbone to be able to ralign the body statics from top to bottom as well as from bottom to top again.

We support the physical body, the mental and emotional body, the energy system and all subtle levels.

We can also work silently, without singing out loud.

Soundcodes are working on the fascia in the body. Scientific research done in Darmstadt, Germany has proven the effect of specific singing on the fascia.

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