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Atlas and Body in Balance

Around 30 years ago Rene Claudius Schümperli from Switzerland found out that the Atlas, the first vertebra of the spine is turned and twisted in most humans and  most mammals.

He listed his own symptoms in his book: „Die Befreiung“, from 2004, page 207- 208. This book does not exist in the English language, so I will be translating this passage for you:

„Aches and pains I had to suffer under for decades and which practically totally faded away:

The following pains and aches are known to the MDs, Neurologists and psychiatristsnowadays ( but they are not aware of the actual reason, the dislocated Atlas ) because thousands of people that went through accidents and had a whiplash or a trauma in the cervical region suffered horribly under it and talked about it.

Neck pain, back pain, limited movement of the head , pains and migraines, restricted movement and pain in the shoulder, strong sensitivity in case of weather change, heavy and aching arms, cramped fingers and hands, wet hands, numbness in the hands, “tennis elbow”, over-sensitivity to noise, lack of concentration, extreme dizzyness Balance disorders, nocturnal pain and tingling in hands and arms, noise in the ear, weakness in the hands, flicker and sparks in front of the eyes, intolerance of bright light, watery eyes, insecure walking, weakness in the whole body, itching all over, cold feet and hands, hip pain, knee pain, chronic cough and bronchitis, excessive sweating, night sweats, intolerance to alcohol, sexual over-stimulation or loss of experience, to total impotence, bad hearing, gastritis, nausea, nausea, acid stomach, severe digestive problem e, chronic diarrhea or constipation, hemorrhoids, liver crises, sleep deprivation, depressed by day, exhausted, chronic athlete’s foot, zero initiative in work and leisure, anxiety and nightmares, physical / mental heaviness, withdrawn from friends, waking up with suicidal thoughts, noticeable change of personality, sensitive , unconcentrated, memory lapses (can not take anything in, can not hold on), irritable to aggressive, uncontrolled, great tiredness, racing palpitations, pulse rate up to 160, as if I were suffocating in the brain slowly, as if gradually switched off, almost like being turned off, terrible anxiety, strong Toothache, aching the teeth, gum and mouth infections, contracting the scalp, painful radiance over the whole head, “running ants” over the whole face, neck and arms like a nerve fever, all limbs hurt, every step an act of will, breathing difficulties such as asthma, problems with passing water, Odor: Odor disorders and misinformation and also hypersensitivity.

Taste: tongue, throat strong taste disorders, do not know what I eat! Hearing: numbness, poor hearing, or painful hypersensitivity, chronic otitis on both sides.

End stage: unbearable pain in the whole body, terrible anxiety, appearing light spots in the eyes, hair loss, strong radiations in the brain, horrible conditions, it is as if all processes around me as in slow motion, the whole organism is very weakened.

The diagnosis made by doctors, professors, neurologists, psychiatrists was: mentally ill, only psychotherapy can help …

Millions of people like you and me have been and will continue to be misunderstood and ruined in a horrendous way in spite of BETTER KNOWLEDGE.

I survived to make the truth known!

From the book: „Die Befreiung“ by René-Claudius Schümperli, 2004 S. 207, S.208

The training as a DAO THA Soundcode Therapist for Atlas and Body in Balance will enable you to work with the Atlas as well as the alignment of the whole physical body of humans as well as mammals.

The Atlas will find its healthy position right away when the balancing is done! The body knows how to function in the best way possible and will take the information provided through the Soundcodes to realign itself from top to bottom.

Schümperliy says in his book on page 125:
„When the cause is gone, regeneration and self-healing of body and psyche follow naturally….….(he created Atlasprofilax to work with the cause ) The ability and duration of the self-healing is always depending on the state of health of the person in the first place. Everybody will have their own experience in the process.“

Soundcodes are not manipulating, they are not like a  chiropractic adjustment so this method is safe and at the same time very effective! I have seen miracles happen through this powerful healing technique.

In my own research I have seen, that mammals have the same problem with the Atlas that humans have.  With horses and dogs in particular, you can tell by observing their gait , that they are not in alignment and stiff, high up in the pelvis. We have been working with horses, dogs, cats and even cattle and were able to see good results in all of them. 

It is a joy to see how animals react to the singing of Soundcodes, because they respond immediately! Unlike humans, the animal usually does not have any mental or emotional resistance.

Below you can see the effect of the session on both horse and rider. There is only an interval of two hours between the two pictures:





Testimonial of Sylvia G.
“When I first met Elisabeth, I regularly had to deal with severe migraine episodes that have severely affected my work and my life. After the Dao-Tha Soundcode session, I had no more migraines. It was interesting that in the first time the “aura” sometimes still came, but the migraine afterwards did not come. Meanwhile, I do not have the „aura“ any more either. I’m feeling fine.”
- Sylvia G.
Testimonial by Elisabeth Westermann (My own experience)
Here in the north of Germany I have a lively cooperation with a Waldorf school and the resident school doctor. He is sending the children from the “Bridge Class” with the problem of ADD and ADHD to me. I have been told that the children afterwards easily reached maturity, allowing them to easily transition to a normal school setting. Restlessness and concentration were no longer an important topic, for example.
- Elisabeth Westermann
Testimonial by Elisabeth Westermann
Thado after the treatment
Thado, Thado, my own tomcat, always had the opportunity to pick up a treatment. It was very clear that he liked it very much. The effects were obvious. He only knew tension when he was hunting. This was his preferred sleeping posture.
- Elisabeth Westermann
Testimonial of Cornelia Merz
Mare “Quad” was treated by the veterinarian in the right eye due to periodic eye inflammation. Years ago, the horse had a surgery on the same eye because of this diagnosis. Two days after symptom development, the atlas correction was performed. The owner delivered the mare a day later to the veterinary clinic. She stayed there 4 days without surgery as the eye got better every day.
- Cornelia Merz
My own experiences
Stella after the treatment
Stella before the treatment
Stella, the bitch (female dog) of Conny and Thomas from Wannsee. She clearly lost all her stress after treatment for her and the owners. Now is she is a happy and healthy dog. Her gait has changed completely. She ran very stiff, now the back is swinging freely and in the shoulders the movement looks like a lion. Her head is free to move left and right – before there were restrictions, especially in the movement to the left. In the meantime, both Conny and Thomas have undergone the training to become soundcode therapists. Conny saw Stella begin to co-work with her when she is giving sessions. Sometimes she even “sings” with her. It is very clear that it has a very positive influence on the treatments, especially when it comes to animals! An amazing being, this dog, and what a wonderful development for her, as she was forced to experience a lot of trauma and stress as a puppy.  
- Elisabeth Westermann
Experience report about Rieke Petersen
In 2017, I met Rieke Petersen and her family, who run a Demeterhof (a special organic farming) with cow rearing, 3000 chickens and horses. I was allowed to work with some of her horses. When her mare got pregnant and got her foal, she asked me to look for the Atlas. Here is the result: The first foal that I was allowed to test, with a straight Atlas – from birth! Here are pictures of my testing. It is a great pleasure, because that means that even in the horses, as we already have seen in the humans, the healthy atlas position seems to be transmitted through the maternal line.
- Elisabeth Westermann

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