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to the Dao-Tha Soundcode Academy, the training institute for a new, very easy to learn method to use special melodies, which we call soundcodes, to directly and specifically inform the body, mind and soul of how to function in a healthy-optimal way. The Atlas, the first cervical vertebra, is our first, most important focus. The Soundcodes do not physically manipulate the atlas – it is a specific form of music therapy. We can also work in the same way on all other physical systems: Organs, glands, nervous systems, meridians, chakras.

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Elisabeth Westermann Gründerin Dao-Tha Klangcode AkademieElisabeth Westermann
Founder Dao-Tha Soundcode Academy
A warm welcome from Elisabeth Westermann
Founder Dao-Tha Soundcode Academy

Soundcodes are short musical sequences (melodies) that function as a language that body, mind and soul are able to understand.

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