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Atlas und Körper in Balance


to the Dao-Tha  Soundcode Academy, the training institute for a new, very easy to learn method to use special melodies, which we call soundcodes, to directly and specifically inform the body, mind and soul of how to function in a healthy-optimal way.

The Atlas, the first cervical vertebra, is our first, most important focus.

The Soundcodes do not physically manipulate the atlas – it is a specific form of music therapy. We can also work in the same way on all other physical systems: Organs, glands, nervous systems, meridians, chakras.

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Atlas and Body in Balance

Training as a Soundcode Therapist empowers users to perform treatments that allow the atlas, and then the entire body statics, to find themselves new and healthy. The Atlas finds its healthy place again.

for humans and animals.


Working with humans

Working with Soundcodes can be a very useful tool in addition to any other healing work that you are performing. Alternatively, you could choose Soundcodes as your major or even only tool to work with as a healer. The Atlas, the first vertebra of the spine, is the main focus of Soundcode Therapy.

Working with animals

Working with Soundcodes on animals can be a very helpful tool wherever you are working with animals, be it as a trainer, a horseback riding teacher, or healing practitioner or veterinarian for animals.


Current events and news

11. Jul. 2021

Singing Soundcodes for ourselves and the world – (Online)

17. Aug. 2021

Singing Soundcodes for ourselves and the world – (Online)

08. Aug. 2021

Group Session Pineal Gland (Online)

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