My dear Soundcode-friends,

we live in incredibly transformative times – full of opportunities and calamities, depending on how we, as creators of our world, deal with it.

We have a wonderful tool to let energy work directly:
The Dao-Tha Soundcodes! They contain all the information, that will lead our body / soul / mind system IMMEDIATELY to the respective consciousness – and thought space.

Let’s do something together for ourselves and for our beautiful Mother Earth:

Set an alarm clock every day at 11.11am on and / or pm! (Or if this time does not work, choose any other time, like 8.08 for example and declare, that it should be projected to 11.11am and pm. Important is, that you do this little exercise on a regular basis, once or two times a day.)

Sing the Soundcodes: :
State of love
State of peace

I am making it easy for you:
An audio file and the notation with the corresponding vowels and consonants can be found HERE …. (please click)

If you like, we can activate our creative power together. And have fun with it! And if we do it worldwide, even better! 

Here is some background information:

Yesterday a video was sent to me, which I want to send you here as a link:

A Special Message from Nia Peeples, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton and Dr. Rashid A. Buttar – 11 minutes.

Here is an extract of the content: – none the less it is a joy to watch it! –

Scientifically, quantum physically it is proven that 1 + 1 energetically = 11 (eleven)! Therefore, everyone can be a potentiation of love energy, inner and outer peace and joy for this earth if we want to focus on it. WE CAN make EVERYTHING happen just through our thoughts and the change in our consciousness. When we are ready to do that it works for us and therefore, of course, the well-being of EVERYONE.

Let us generate a wonderful quantum field through the energies of our positive and love filled thoughts! We are able to change the course of our outer as well as inner worlds in this simple way! And we will see a global effect of this – for sure! 


If you are ready to do more, here is a video of me explaining 3 steps that are important to go as well, if you will. These will also significantly strengthen and support the effects of singing the Soundcodes.

Here is the link:

Gepostet von täglich Live am Donnerstag, 23. April 2020


As a further support (especially for yourself) you can sing other Soundcodes here:
– in step 1: “authenticity” and “to find your own center
– in step 2: “space of self-empowerment” and “Remember, who I am
and of course other Soundcodes if you think they could be of help for you.

It might not be easy to follow all of these steps, but it would be great, if you did!

We all have been prepared for this for a long time. We can be of great help, when we do this and prepare ourselves for the coming times.

All of the mentioned Soundcodes can also be found under Downloads


Have a lot of joy and success!
Elisabeth Westermann