Dear friends of Soundcode Therapy,

here comes something that would be my personal support in the currently so chaotic and frightening situation for many of us:

Supporting the immune system at all levels

You don’t need to be able to sing to use this help for yourself!

These Soundcodes can be helpful wherever you feel insecure, vulnerable and physically weakened, not only in the case of impending infections, but of course also and especially there.

Viruses and bacteria can only attack us if there is a weakening of the body, soul and spirit.

What can be the cause? Everything that brings us out of our inner balance, fear, panic, feelings of guilt … causes us to lose our own center and our energy. The available Soundcodes help our body-mind-spirit system to find an inner balance, to increase the overall vibration and to stimulate the resistance forces so that they are strengthened – at all levels.


Practical procedure:

Let’s involve the stones, our friends in our work!

This is a new, innovative work with Soundcodes that are sung on (precious) stones. You will receive an MP3 file for practical use. You can and should sing along as far as you are willing and able to do so. Buzzing would be enough.

Please communicate with the stones you own or buy for you. Rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst are best suited. Other crystals are also possible.

When you have found your stone, please play the Soundcodes for them and sing or hum along. It can be helpful to hold the stone lovingly in your hand. After listening to it once, the stone saved the information. You can now either put it on, carry it with you, or add it to your new and choose one that would be willing to carry the information drinking water.

The stone will keep the information long-term, provided you treat it with respect and mindfulness. A stone also has its own personality and its own life-force!

It can also make sense to listen to the Soundcodes from time to time and to sing or hum a little along with them. Go with your own impulses.

Download the audio file – Please click here ….

Have fun and success in it!
Elisabeth Westermann