Meditation through music (Download)



Experience your own inner balance – Healing songs and music

Diese Aufnahme ist dafür gedacht, Körper, Seele und Geist in einem Zustand tiefer Entspannung heilsame Informationen zu vermitteln, die eine Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe sein können auf allen Ebenen des Seins – physisch, energetisch, emotional, mental und spirituell.


Experience your own inner balance – Healing songs and music

This recording is designed to provide healing information to the body, soul and mind in a state of deep relaxation that can be an aid to self-support on all levels of being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The human voice is the only musical instrument capable of providing a spectrum of frequencies that can have a balancing, relaxing and expanding effect on all levels of consciousness, -even the brainwave function itself. Especially when it is used in the form of “vocalising”, as in the present recording, this effect can be fully developed.

Healing chants and songs supported by harp sounds and other instruments. This music can also be used well in the background during healing sessions of various kinds.

Note: This recording is a new edition of the earlier double CD “Discover the female energy”.


Title including some audio samples:

1. Moola Mantra

2. Experience life in a new way

3. From Separationen to Oneness

4. Halleluja

5. Secure in your arms

6. Experience the joy of living

7. Harmony

8. The heart‘s song

9. The perfect void

10. Mother Divine

11. Amma

12. Cantica Mariae

13. Tvameva

14. The heart‘s delight

15. Heart opening

16. The beauty of morning

17. Shambala


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