Healing Music in Trance 2 – Abdominal organs and the genitourinary system


The sung Soundcodes are supported by three-dimensional, harmonizing forms of noise, through which the information of the Soundcodes is anchored deep in the system.


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DHS Consciousness Exercise
DHS = Dynamis Hemispheres Synchronization

Harmonization and optimization of the functions of the abdominal organs
and the genitourinary system
with Hemispheres Synchronization according to Harald Wessbecher

This Healing Music in Trance supports the healthy and optimal function of the entire digestive organism and the urogenital system. Functional and stress-related disorders of the liver / gall bladder, the pancreas (also with regard to the production of insulin), the stomach and the small and large intestines, such as constipation and the tendency to diarrhea up to intolerance, can experience relief. The urogenital system is primarily about the kidneys, bladder and all reproductive organs with their various disorders.

The information given is a support for the entire organism – physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually – and intended to accompany healing. Targeted disease treatment is not aimed at with this admission. The soundcodes act broadly, universally and not as a specific medical remedy, even if the information they carry is specific.

Tones and melodies support the body’s self-regulation. The sung Soundcodes are supported by three-dimensional, harmonizing forms of noise, through which the information of the Soundcodes is anchored deep in the system. Music healing in trance is not necessarily a pleasing piece of music. This DHS exercise is intended to impart healing information to the body, soul and spirit in a state of deep relaxation, which can be a help for self-help on all levels of being.

Important NOTE:
The effects of the noise technology and / or the Soundcodes that are stored in these recordings are lost through compression or transcoding (such as MP3, WMA, AAC). The compression cuts out frequency ranges that are inaudible to our ears. For the optimal success of these recordings, we recommend the use of headphones, because this is the only way to make sense of the noise technology and the Soundcodes.


Audio sample:

Elisabeth Westermann is a natural scientist and spiritual teacher, singer, psychological consultant, music therapist, health coach, animal HP and developed the Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy in 2011. Her CDs are the result of many years of research into the healing, harmonizing, balancing and energy-increasing effects of singing and specific tone sequences, which she calls Soundcodes. She founded the Dao-Tha Klangcode Akademie (www.dao-tha.com). There she passes on what she has learned and researched in training courses, seminars and advanced training courses.

Harald Wessbecher integrated information from the space- and timeless level of human consciousness into his work. He was the developer of the DES method, consciousness researcher and teacher. The Soundcodes are supplemented by the unique, three-dimensional noise forms (hemispherical synchronization) developed by him. These alone can induce a state of deep physical and mental relaxation, whereby the consciousness can detach itself from the identification with the body and experience its independence, it is open to new healing, balancing, consciousness-expanding and regenerative impulses.