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New project – work with the stone-beings!

During the sacred nights between 2019 and 2020 I asked myself what kind of help I could be offering in the coming year through the Soundcodes.

Our systems, body / soul / mind are undergoing a profound change and transformation, which above all needs calm and effortless admission. It is important to avoid disturbances for the body, soul and spirit as much as possible.

On the purely physical level, we can decide how we behave – at least in most areas. In terms of energy, it‘s very different.

And so I wondered what the most effective help could be.

The stone entities offered their help. The result is 2 sets of Soundcodes that are sung on stones, one of them informing the water and  the other worn on the body, which can directly inform the body / soul / spirit systems. Both sets complement each other. So it makes sense to buy both sets if you would like to.

There are many systems available already of this type. Most of them are very expensive and therefore not affordable for many people. I have therefore deliberately kept my offer inexpensive so that everyone can really enjoy this information and support!

At the same time, I think it is important that we ourselves have an opportunity to take care of ourselves by participating in the charging of the stones.

Just recently I added another set of Soundcodes, that could be put on stones as well: „Boost your immunal system on all levels“. If you want, you can use all three of them. They would support you from different sides and in different ways.

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