Dear friends of Atlas Balancing and Dao-Tha Soundcode Work,

A few days ago, I attended a concert of classical music. Andràs Schiff played the entire first part of the “Well-Tempered Clavier” by Johann Sebastian Bach.Music pieces, that are not so easy to listen to, I thought. – That evening I had the impulse to connect in a much deeper sense with what this music can do. In addition, I have to say that I have recently been intensively concerned with the heart as the central perceiving organ in our body.

I started to take my pulse while he was playing. And could observe amazing things:
The pulse, which beats with a variable regularity, was perfectly tuned to the rhythm I was hearing the whole time. Either the heart sang exactly to the changing basic rhythm of each piece, beat by beat, – which most of the time was the case – , or its rhythm was at least in conjunction with the rhythm I was listening to.

In addition, I found that with rhythm changes in the music, the heart very often, milliseconds before the actual rhythm change happened already went into the new rhythm.

Then I looked around. I had a neighbor to the left, who at the beginning was obviously restless and a little irritable. He was not comfortable with my presence. We were not in resonance with each other.
After about 30 minutes, that changed. And I could watch it throughout the room. All the people gathered there responded, in peace with each other, and each one, as far as I could tell, absorbed the music deeper and deeper. It created a field that was extremely nourishing for all who participated in it.

When the concert ended there was still a long silence before the applause started. On the way home and the following days I could clearly see how this music and the community with the other listeners has changed me. I could and can take things easier, may they come from outside or inside. Trust has grown, surrender to what is happening right here right now.

Music pieces, when played out of a space of surrendered perception, are profoundly beneficial. Our entire physical system reacts with harmony and ease. In the same or similar way, our soundcodes work, and even amplify when we sing them together.

What we are needing in this time of great change is the ability to let go of our resistances against the chaotic things that we experience in the inner as well as outer world and to be able to find a way to not only survive, but stay firm as well as easy, relaxed within the eye of the tornado. Listening to the music of the masters or soundcodes together, or singing soundcodes or music pieces together, can be a very helpful tool for this attitude towards life to grow and blossom.

Sending love and joy your way