Universal Soundcodes 1 – Basic Class

225,00 $

Universal Soundcodes 1 – Basic Class

The Soundcodes taught here are immediately applicable in one’s own practice for those who work with humans and animals, be it energetically, physically or also in counseling and psychological practice.

Here are some examples: “State of Love”, “Purify, clear”, “Healing heart breaks”, “Grace”.

No Soundcodes are taught that work directly with individual areas of the physical body. The universality of these Soundcodes lies in the basic support of the entire organism through information that is general in nature.

This is also the 1st part of the training to become a Soundcode therapist for Atlas and Body in Balance, being the only part that can also be attended separately from the entire training.


(The download contains 6 videos (206 minutes), 15 Soundcode Audios, music sheets and written instructions)

If you have questions, please contact: Elisabeth Westermann: info@dao-tha.com