An extraordinary concert – Newsletter July 2019

Dear friends of Atlas Balancing and Dao-Tha Soundcode Work,

A few days ago, I attended a concert of classical music. Andràs Schiff played the entire first part of the “Well-Tempered Clavier” by Johann Sebastian Bach.Music pieces, that are not so easy to listen to, I thought. – That evening I had the impulse to connect in a much deeper sense with what this music can do. In addition, I have to say that I have recently been intensively concerned with the heart as the central perceiving organ in our body.

I started to take my pulse while he was playing. And could observe amazing things:
The pulse, which beats with a variable regularity, was perfectly tuned to the rhythm I was hearing the whole time. Either the heart sang exactly to the changing basic rhythm of each piece, beat by beat, – which most of the time was the case – , or its rhythm was at least in conjunction with the rhythm I was listening to.

In addition, I found that with rhythm changes in the music, the heart very often, milliseconds before the actual rhythm change happened already went into the new rhythm.

Then I looked around. I had a neighbor to the left, who at the beginning was obviously restless and a little irritable. He was not comfortable with my presence. We were not in resonance with each other.
After about 30 minutes, that changed. And I could watch it throughout the room. All the people gathered there responded, in peace with each other, and each one, as far as I could tell, absorbed the music deeper and deeper. It created a field that was extremely nourishing for all who participated in it.

When the concert ended there was still a long silence before the applause started. On the way home and the following days I could clearly see how this music and the community with the other listeners has changed me. I could and can take things easier, may they come from outside or inside. Trust has grown, surrender to what is happening right here right now.

Music pieces, when played out of a space of surrendered perception, are profoundly beneficial. Our entire physical system reacts with harmony and ease. In the same or similar way, our soundcodes work, and even amplify when we sing them together.

What we are needing in this time of great change is the ability to let go of our resistances against the chaotic things that we experience in the inner as well as outer world and to be able to find a way to not only survive, but stay firm as well as easy, relaxed within the eye of the tornado. Listening to the music of the masters or soundcodes together, or singing soundcodes or music pieces together, can be a very helpful tool for this attitude towards life to grow and blossom.

Sending love and joy your way


Supporting the immune system at all levels

Dear friends of Soundcode Therapy,

here comes something that would be my personal support in the currently so chaotic and frightening situation for many of us:

Supporting the immune system at all levels

You don’t need to be able to sing to use this help for yourself!

These Soundcodes can be helpful wherever you feel insecure, vulnerable and physically weakened, not only in the case of impending infections, but of course also and especially there.

Viruses and bacteria can only attack us if there is a weakening of the body, soul and spirit.

What can be the cause? Everything that brings us out of our inner balance, fear, panic, feelings of guilt … causes us to lose our own center and our energy. The available Soundcodes help our body-mind-spirit system to find an inner balance, to increase the overall vibration and to stimulate the resistance forces so that they are strengthened – at all levels.

Practical procedure:

Let’s involve the stones, our friends in our work!

This is a new, innovative work with Soundcodes that are sung on (precious) stones. You will receive an MP3 file for practical use. You can and should sing along as far as you are willing and able to do so. Buzzing would be enough.

Please communicate with the stones you own or buy for you. Rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst are best suited. Other crystals are also possible.

When you have found your stone, please play the Soundcodes for them and sing or hum along. It can be helpful to hold the stone lovingly in your hand. After listening to it once, the stone saved the information. You can now either put it on, carry it with you, or add it to your new and choose one that would be willing to carry the information drinking water.

The stone will keep the information long-term, provided you treat it with respect and mindfulness. A stone also has its own personality and its own life-force!

It can also make sense to listen to the Soundcodes from time to time and to sing or hum a little along with them. Go with your own impulses.

Download the audio file – Please click here ….

Have fun and success in it!
Elisabeth Westermann

New project – work with the stone-beings!

During the sacred nights between 2019 and 2020 I asked myself what kind of help I could be offering in the coming year through the Soundcodes.

Our systems, body / soul / mind are undergoing a profound change and transformation, which above all needs calm and effortless admission. It is important to avoid disturbances for the body, soul and spirit as much as possible.

On the purely physical level, we can decide how we behave – at least in most areas. In terms of energy, it‘s very different.

And so I wondered what the most effective help could be.

The stone entities offered their help. The result is 2 sets of Soundcodes that are sung on stones, one of them informing the water and  the other worn on the body, which can directly inform the body / soul / spirit systems. Both sets complement each other. So it makes sense to buy both sets if you would like to.

There are many systems available already of this type. Most of them are very expensive and therefore not affordable for many people. I have therefore deliberately kept my offer inexpensive so that everyone can really enjoy this information and support!

At the same time, I think it is important that we ourselves have an opportunity to take care of ourselves by participating in the charging of the stones.

Just recently I added another set of Soundcodes, that could be put on stones as well: „Boost your immunal system on all levels“. If you want, you can use all three of them. They would support you from different sides and in different ways.

You can do something – for yourself and hence for our whole planet!

My dear Soundcode-friends,

we live in incredibly transformative times – full of opportunities and calamities, depending on how we, as creators of our world, deal with it.

We have a wonderful tool to let energy work directly:
The Dao-Tha Soundcodes! They contain all the information, that will lead our body / soul / mind system IMMEDIATELY to the respective consciousness – and thought space.

Let’s do something together for ourselves and for our beautiful Mother Earth:

Set an alarm clock every day at 11.11am on and / or pm! (Or if this time does not work, choose any other time, like 8.08 for example and declare, that it should be projected to 11.11am and pm. Important is, that you do this little exercise on a regular basis, once or two times a day.)

Sing the Soundcodes: :
State of love
State of peace

I am making it easy for you:
An audio file and the notation with the corresponding vowels and consonants can be found HERE …. (please click)

If you like, we can activate our creative power together. And have fun with it! And if we do it worldwide, even better! 

Here is some background information:

Yesterday a video was sent to me, which I want to send you here as a link:

A Special Message from Nia Peeples, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton and Dr. Rashid A. Buttar – 11 minutes.

Here is an extract of the content: – none the less it is a joy to watch it! –

Scientifically, quantum physically it is proven that 1 + 1 energetically = 11 (eleven)! Therefore, everyone can be a potentiation of love energy, inner and outer peace and joy for this earth if we want to focus on it. WE CAN make EVERYTHING happen just through our thoughts and the change in our consciousness. When we are ready to do that it works for us and therefore, of course, the well-being of EVERYONE.

Let us generate a wonderful quantum field through the energies of our positive and love filled thoughts! We are able to change the course of our outer as well as inner worlds in this simple way! And we will see a global effect of this – for sure! 


If you are ready to do more, here is a video of me explaining 3 steps that are important to go as well, if you will. These will also significantly strengthen and support the effects of singing the Soundcodes.


As a further support (especially for yourself) you can sing other Soundcodes here:
– in step 1: “authenticity” and “to find your own center
– in step 2: “space of self-empowerment” and “Remember, who I am
and of course other Soundcodes if you think they could be of help for you.

It might not be easy to follow all of these steps, but it would be great, if you did!

We all have been prepared for this for a long time. We can be of great help, when we do this and prepare ourselves for the coming times.

All of the mentioned Soundcodes can also be found under Downloads

Have a lot of joy and success!
Elisabeth Westermann

To rediscover and awaken the power of creation

My dear friends of Soundcode work,

what special times are these in which we live! And they can be experienced in so many different ways…

What is certain is that a development has been started that amazes even the spiritual teachers of all countries. There has been a fundamental change all over the world, an awakening that has and will have consequences, a process that cannot be reversed. Once you wake up, you no longer sleep. As simple as that.

What can we do? The most important thing to me seems to be that we rediscover that we are creators of our world! We are creating the world we live in – so far largely unconsciously.

There is a gift from me to all of you: a small sequence of soundcodes to rediscover and use your own creative power. You can find this on the website under Downloads.

If you like, listen to them every day and sing along. These soundcodes work for you and AT THE SAME TIME on all levels also for all of us, balancing – harmonizing and constructive – expanding. Enjoy!

Do we like what we have created so far? If not, then we can remember what it takes to become conscious creators.

  • First of all, we need to know exactly what we want to create.
  • Then we have to realize that our world is also the world of others, so that we create what is beneficial for everyone and not just for ourselves. For this it is important and helpful to relive the connection and unity with  creation. That will also redeem us from the loneliness felt so often.
  • And now comes the creative process itself: it is about experiencing, feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling what it is like when the created appears in the form. So do not ask for it to happen, please, but experience internally what it is like when it is there! And you can practice that.

There are situations in which you have long been a creator, more or less consciously, small situations or even larger ones: You imagine what it would be like when your friend finally came back to you – the next day she was standing at your doorstep. You imagine that you are exactly on time for an appointment, even though you are late, and it actually works to the minute. Or ordering a parking space in the city center – it works, right? You become more and more aware of this and practice it regularly. You will see that these success stories are becoming more numerous.

And then you dare to try something else that is more important to you. And experience that this also works. The mind does not grasp it, but accepts it, because the experience is there.

This is how I feel now with a project that has come to me: working with the transmission masts.

Everything has a life force, doesn’t it? So the transmission mast is also an entity with which I can speak. – Years ago I had the unequivocal experience that so-called inanimate matter reacted to love and changed as a result. –

I have a transmission tower behind my house. A female entity. I talked to her and offered that she could convert the energy she sends out into something that serves people and nature instead of harming them. She gladly agreed to this and since then I have had a wonderful supportive energy that works with me for the benefit of people and nature. I then did the same with other transmission masts – everyone is happy to send out beneficial and supportive things instead of destructive ones.

I have received the information that we do not have to do this with all transmission masts, they inform each other. But some are needed to inform others. I’m going to travel around and talk to some of them. And you can send me pictures, then I will work with others on the pictures.

You can also help, I can tell you how to do it. I would schedule a zoom meeting if this is of interest. Write to me, I’ll collect the addresses and let you know when the time comes.

The wonderful side effect is that the stones then have no problem holding the energy that we sing on them. We no longer need to repeat the singing.

It is enormously beneficial to experience how the energy changes when your transmitter mast transmits something else!

I look forward to continuing to work together to create a new, wonderful world!
With a warm virtual hug to all of you

Elisabeth Westermann