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To eliminate blockages from Organs and Glands

17. August 2019 @ 20:00 - 21:00 CEST

| 35€

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NEW: Including all of the parts of the nervous system!

Group-Session in english and german
This event is a group-session, a form of „treatment“ in the group, it is not a class. Most of the time it will be offered as an online-session.  Soundcodes are short specific melodies, that act like a language, informing body, mind and soul abouth healthy, harmonious and expanded function on all levels of being. This is a good chance to experience Soundcode work.

More information:
are for experiencing and supportive self-care. These sessions are not meant to teach you any Soundcodes. You will be a client, getting a grouptreatment by me. I will be using a specific set of Soundcodes for every session, that would be helpful for the specific subject matter these sessions are advertised to run under. I have experienced them as being very powerful tools in various different fields of life. Enjoy, if you would like to! Each session runs 1 to 1 ½ hours the most.

For signing in use: PayPal.Me/ElisabethWestermann
Please leave your name and e-mail address there, so I can send you the link, once the payment has reached me.