Ausbildung zur Arbeit am Menschen Ausbildung zur Arbeit am Tier Was sind Klangcodes? Klangcodes sind kurze Melodiefolgen, die wie eine eigene Sprache wirken, die Körper, Seele und Geist verstehen. MEHR ERFAHREN Sie werden hörbar oder innerlich, lautlos gesungen und informieren ganz spezifisch den physischen Körper. Atlas und Körper in Balance MEHR ERFAHREN Als Erstes ist der Fokus immer auf dem Atlas, dem 1. Halswirbel, weil er der Auslöser verschiedenster Beschwerden im ganzen Körper sein kann. Organe, Meridiane, das Nervensystem, die Chakren, die gesamte Körperstatik und natürlich auch immer die Psyche und das Bewusstsein von Mensch und Tier kommen hinzu. Atlas gerade Atlas schief ERFAHRUNGSBERICHTE
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The Pineal Gland

26. September 2020 @ 16:00 - 27. September 2020 @ 21:00 CEST

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The pineal Gland – vitally important for our future, the body functions and our Energy system in times to come

Valuable support for ourselves and others.

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The pineal gland or epiphysis is the center of our creativivity and all of our creative skills. It creates the thoughts, that are connected with feeling and sensing, being warm in nature. These kinds of thoughts we would need to create the world as we want to see it. The pineal gland naturally connects the head to the heart. That’s why we need a well-functioning pineal gland, especially in these times.

Unfortunately, the function of the pineal gland is disturbed in most of us. It is “calcified” by external and internal influences. Soundcodes can be of great help in reversing this process and re-creating the harmonious, natural function of the pineal gland.

It has long been known thatthe pineal gland is the organ in which our intuition, inspiration and clairvoyance originates. If it works harmoniously, according to the level of development of the human being, it also stimulates us to perceive with the heart, to awaken the heart intelligence and to bring it to bloom. This ability we will increasingly need in the future, in order to understand ourselfes and the world and to be able to grow in it and with it.

In addition, the pineal gland is in direct connection with some other important systems in our body / soul / mind structure. These also need our attention so that the entire structure can work harmoniously in a most natural way for us. For example, the Atlas and its surroundings are directly linked to the pineal gland.

The Soundcodes you learn to work with in this course are aids to your own development and also enable you to work with others. I assume that animals will also gratefully accept this help.

I am planning to also teach teachers in this modality. This information is essential for all of us in these days!

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