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Balance, harmonize and revitalize all of our nervous systems *NEW

2. December 2019 @ 17:00 - 21:30 CET

| 150Euro

The basic requirement for a stable, mental health and a good functioning in our everyday life is a harmonious interaction of all our different nervous systems. All organ and gland functions ultimately depend on it.

The extreme sensory overload that we experience and the stress we often labour under do not make it easy to stay balanced. In addition, our central nervous system is strongly focused on survival. By transforming the brain activity of a human’s temporal lobes down to the size of a cat’s brain – that’s what research has shown – and inducing that brain activity to the cat, it stressfully and fearfully will run away from a mouse! Only through great efforts do we humans succeed in remaining functional in this nervous condition. 

It is high time that we “change our mind”, that is, that we let the different parts of our nervous systems work together in a different, harmonious way. We are not able to do that on our own. Therefore, the soundcodes  taught here will be of great help for us.

In addition, there are nervous systems that are largely unknown so far but can be very supportive if they can become more aware and active.

Again, these Soundcodes provide valuable information to support a harmonious, balanced and optimal functioning of all the nervious systems on all levels.