Classes for working with humans Classes for working with animals Soundcodes - what are they? Soundcodes are short sequences of music, that act likt a language, that the body is able to understand. We sing them out loud or think them internally. The information of the Soundcodes is very specific. They inform the physical as well as as the energetic bodies. LEARN MORE Atlas and Body in Balance LEARN MORE The Atlas is the first focus in the Soundcode Therapy work, because it is the most important region in the entire physical system. Organs, glands, the nervous system, meridians and chakras will also be addressed working with specific Soundcodes. Atlas in Balance Atlas misaligned EXPERIENCES
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Advanced Course for Soundcode Therapists (Online Training) – Live for the last time!

1. October 2020 @ 15:00 - 4. October 2020 @ 19:00 CEST

Only for Soundcode Therapists.

Attention, the date has changed!

I will be sharing new information for our treatments and a big bunch of Soundcodes for animals as well as humans. The Soundcodes for Unicorns and Pegasus are part of this online Training.

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