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Online Class
3 days
990€ 740€ per person

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Basic Soundcode Therapy Training for humans

The seminar Universal Soundcodes 1 should be attended in advance, because it introduces the work on humans as well as on animals. It is also useful to have at least a first session on working with the atlas before attending the Life training units.

The training incorporates working with humans as well as animals.

This class will enable you to work with the Atlas and Coccyx as well as the whole alignment of the body from top to bottom. The basic training for working with humans is one of 3 parts that make up the entire training to become a Dao-Tha Soundcode therapist. For an effective work on humans and/or animals it is necessary to attend all 3 parts.


When you think of Soundcodes for both horse and rider it is obvious that that makes a lot of sense. But there is another important reason for teaching Soundcodes for animals together with Soundcodes for humans: Humans have an instinct part, that plays an important role in being healthy. In this aspect, humans are mammals, so the Soundcodes for animals will be very helpful. Vice versa we see, that the pets and horses that are deeply connected with their holders or owners also tend to adopt human traits and karmas. So it makes a lot of sense to use Soundcodes for humans on them in many cases as well.


The following will be taught to you in the basic human work training:

  • The importance of atlas misalignment in humans, how to recognize it, test it, palpate it and use Soundcodes to help correct the rotation and tilt.
  • Anatomical and physiological basics, especially related to the atlas and the whole body alignment.
  • Learning and practicing the Soundcodes as information to correct the misalignments of the atlas and coccyx region, both physically and on all subtle levels, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.
  • Learning and practicing the “treatments” on the atlas, spine and coccyx.
  • Information about possible reactions to the Soundcode sessions and in what way we can offer help and support in the self-healing process. Practice of the after-treatments.


Elisabeth Westermann is offering trainings only for the european countries. The dates and times are chosen according to european time-zones.

For the US you will find trainers in different parts of the country that will offer classes. Please click here ….


The following are the parts of the training to become a Soundcode Therapist:


Elisabeth is only training online as for now. In the US you can find trainers who will work with you in person, also with the first part, the Universal Soundcodes class.


After completing all three parts of the basic training you will receive a certificate for working with humans and animals. You can set up your own business as a Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapist according to the legal situation in your own country. You will have to find out yourself, if you need other pre-requisits for working self-employed in your country.


The body  as well as all its subtle levels, emotional, mental and spiritual system of the trainees receive a lot of additional information to find themselves new, healthy during these trainings.

Details about Soundcode Therapy training

The Soundcodes are a powerful energy field that can work in all areas of life, physically,on the soul level and mentally. If you decide to get trained as a Soundcode Therapist, the Soundcodes will work for you as well.

An education therefore includes different levels:

First, your own body-soul-mind structure will experience healing and vibrational enhancement. Transformation will happen, often unnoticed, unspectacular. The healer in you will be trained.

Then it’s about imparting knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the body – because you will work very specifically on the body.

The voice is supported in order to develop. This also happens quite naturally and usually very unspectacular. The results are often amazing.

Gradually, the individual Soundcodes will be taught that you will use for the work. You’ll get schemas – if you find it difficult to read notes – and audios, where I sing the individual Soundcodes.

During all this time we are working practically – on ourselves and on humans and animals.

Technically speaking, the entire training comprises 2 consecutive seminars:

Basic education and advanced course. Details about the contents of both seminars can be found under the section Training on our website.

If you later work on humans or animals, you have the choice of either singing aloud or thinking the Soundcodes inwardly, and then, just as in mental osteopathy or fascia work, simply touching the human or the animal. You will find that often not even the touch is necessary.

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