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Trainings to become a Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapist

Working with Soundcodes can be a very useful tool in addition to any other healing work that you are performing.

Alternatively, you could choose Soundcodes as your major or even only tool to work with as a healer. The Atlas, the first vertebra of the spine, is the main focus of Soundcode Therapy. Here you can find a translation of a list of symptoms, that the Academy „Natuerlich Gesund“ in Germany has created. They gathered information about the ailments and diseases that could be caused by the Atlas misplacement: Read More

Online classes by Elisabeth Westermann only for Europeans:

Duration 5 Videos (1 ½ to 2 days)
Costs 210€

Universal Soundcodes I

Duration 3 days
Costs 990€ 640€

Basic Soundcode Therapy Training for humans

Duration 2 1/2 days
Costs 880€ 540€

Basic Soundcode Therapy Training for animals



Elisabeth Westermann

Trainer for Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy Online Classes only for Europe.

Phone: +49 (0) 4641-59 89 58 3


Charlene Cannan

Trainer for Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy in Solana Beach, Del Mar

Phone: 858-793-6049


Yvonne Yoneda Donaldson

Trainer for Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy in Sacramento

Phone: 916-813-4722


Debbie Loshbough

Trainer for Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy in North Atlanta Area

Phone: 770-634-2020

Advanced class for Soundcode Therapy

Duration 1 day
Costs 160€

Advanced class universal soundcodes 2

Duration 2,5 days
Costs 540€  Reduced price = 350€

Advanced class for Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapists


Testimonial by Elisabeth Westermann
Thado after the treatment
Thado, Thado, my own tomcat, always had the opportunity to pick up a treatment. It was very clear that he liked it very much. The effects were obvious. He only knew tension when he was hunting. This was his preferred sleeping posture.
- Elisabeth Westermann
Testimonial of Corinna Bettinger
“Yesterday I treated my first Person and the sound beings have helped the client wonderfully. 🙂 He was totally excited and it has moved a lot …He felt as the atlas moving into the right position, had 15 minutes later diarrhea, was totally exhausted and his jaw has reoriented, so he chewed differently. He also said that he could now think and grasp things much faster, but the articulation was still too slow … “
- Corinna Bettinger
Testimonial of Ilonka Bock
“Dear Elisabeth, I am so grateful that I was allowed to connect with the world of Soundcodes. The Soundcodes have touched me a lot and changed my life. Thank you for being my instructor and trainer. When I am allowed to practice this wonderful activity on humans and animals, you are always present. ”
- Elisabeth Westermann
Experience report about Rieke Petersen
In 2017, I met Rieke Petersen and her family, who run a Demeterhof (a special organic farming) with cow rearing, 3000 chickens and horses. I was allowed to work with some of her horses. When her mare got pregnant and got her foal, she asked me to look for the Atlas. Here is the result: The first foal that I was allowed to test, with a straight Atlas – from birth! Here are pictures of my testing. It is a great pleasure, because that means that even in the horses, as we already have seen in the humans, the healthy atlas position seems to be transmitted through the maternal line.
- Elisabeth Westermann
Testimonial of Sylvia G.
“When I first met Elisabeth, I regularly had to deal with severe migraine episodes that have severely affected my work and my life. After the Dao-Tha Soundcode session, I had no more migraines. It was interesting that in the first time the “aura” sometimes still came, but the migraine afterwards did not come. Meanwhile, I do not have the „aura“ any more either. I’m feeling fine.”
- Sylvia G.
My experiences with Nils Petrik, who took the training in August 2018
I would like to share with you an experience: Nils came as a volunteer with his entire family for treatment in the training week summer 2017. A rather restless, bright, lively young man who was obviously looking for his own center. The treatment in the group seemed to do him good. A few weeks later, I talked to him again. He was absolutely fascinated by what had happened to him and his family through the treatment. He himself has noticed most of it. His inner restlessness had disappeared, pain and discomfort in him and others in the family had disappeared. There was harmony in the family that had not been there for a long time. And the relationships within the family came into a new clarity. He made the decision to want to learn this work himself. 6 months later the time was right. Meanwhile, he had decided to make fundamental changes in his life situation. He went through the training and it was obvious that this made further profound redemptions and changes possible in himself. At the end of the training, it was clear to him that he would quit his very good job at the bank to settle down with the Soundcode Therapy as a self-employed. Meanwhile, his personal life situation had changed fundamentally. Immediately after deciding to give up the position in the bank, even before the dismissal could take effect, he began working part-time with the Soundcodes. Within a short time his center began to flourish. Since he can freely dispose of his time, I hardly see him anymore, because he has so much to do that he is completely filled with family and healing work. At the same time, he has changed completely. He is radiant with vitality and joy. Spiritually working people would call him “awakened” to a great extent. He has become a spiritual coach and the wisdom of his words inspires many people. He has found his life’s work, what his heart is burning for, and lives it fully. Sometimes I have the opportunity to talk to him. Then he tells enthusiastically how helpful and effective the soundcodes are for him and the people and animals he treats on a daily basis. He makes no advertising, only word of mouth by the happy clients brings him humans and animals to treat. And it’s absolutely mesmerizing to see how exponential his development is – inside and outside. Who wants to talk to him? His contact details can be found on the website among the users. Of course, this development is an exception. Nevertheless, over the past few years, I have experienced it time and again that people – and animals in their own way – have experienced a major turnaround in their lives through treatments alone. When people go through the training week, it becomes much clearer and more profound even. Some have finally made it to self-employment after training and have never looked back! There are many stories to tell. Here is an example to meet.
- Nils Petrik
Testimonial of Cornelia Merz
Mare “Quad” was treated by the veterinarian in the right eye due to periodic eye inflammation. Years ago, the horse had a surgery on the same eye because of this diagnosis. Two days after symptom development, the atlas correction was performed. The owner delivered the mare a day later to the veterinary clinic. She stayed there 4 days without surgery as the eye got better every day.
- Cornelia Merz

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