Soundcodes – What are they?

Soundcodes are short musical sequences (melodies) that  function as a language that the body, mind and soul are  able to understand.

You can sing them out loud, and it is also possible to just „think“ them or sing them internally.

They are able to inform every other layer of your system including emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. They work for humans as well as animals, especially mammals. They are powerful instruments of self-healing  – and as I said before, you do not need to be a singer to use them, because you do not need to sing them out loud.

Most of the problems you  see in humans  and animals are multidimensional; similar to the way mainstream medicine  talks about psychosomatic diseases. Soundcodes are able to work on all levels at the same time. That seems to be an extraordinary factor and one that is not present in most healing modalities.

At the same time they are safe, because no physical manipulation is occuring through the Soundcodes. The body decides all by itself, how, when and in which capacity it will receive and use the given information.

Soundcodes are universal tools and can be used in almost every situation.

There are:

Soundcodes, that work in a universal field such as „State of love“, „Transformation“, „Release Trauma“

Soundcodes, that are meant to work on the physical level and inform specific parts of the body, •    such as „muscle relaxation“, „Atlas“, „Heart“, „Kidneys“

Soundcodes, that are  geared towards the psyche, such as:“healing heartbreaks“, „letting go“ .

Soundcodes for the energetic system, such as: Meridians and Chakras

Generally speaking they can be used in any area of life.

hey are meant to work in a universal sense however, which means that they are not to be used in healing specific diseases. MDs, healing practitioners, dentists are experts for healing diseases.

Some time ago I worked with somebody who has the special ability for the absolute pitch. He told me, that I am actually singing in the 432Hz musical scale and the intervals I am using are in the natural overtone scale. I had not been aware of that.

Then I found out, that the people I train start to sing in that scale, even when as musicians they are used to singing in the well-tempered scale of at least 440Hz. Amazing!

There is a lot of research going on  related to this right in the moment. Bees for example react very distinctively to the frequency of music played for them. They are either agressive/restless or relaxed/harmonic in their behavior, according to the frequency.  Solfeggio frequencies seem to induce harmony and ease tension. Body and soul are vibrating  together in harmony.

I  experience and also from my trainees, that people and animals tend to go into a  mild healing trance when receiving soundcode work.

I had this beautiful experience when sitting amongst a group of beehives, noticing how my singing and toning was lovingly received.  The bees answered with a very harmonious humming. It was extremely fascinting how my singing, my open heartedness and their buzzing noises worked together and created a very healing harmonious field around us.

Beings behind the Soundcodes

A report by Heike Michaelsen:

My feeling about the soundcodes is that they are a sort of sequence of sounds or vocals – much like a phone number. A soundcode is an agreed code – like a universal telephone number – for the individual human to be able to invoke a being beyond his imagination.

When a person sings, hums or thinks this soundcode, the essence comes to him and affects what he wants to be affected or healed. A healing process is starting to happen, a kind of structured order, which to me seems to be only a side effect of the treatment itself, since the healing is not the main thing what it is about, but the Connection. The healing happens just by itself, like a nice side effect that comes out of the connection. In reality the main focus seems to be becomming connected again to the All-That -Is and working on the consciousness itself.  Read more…

Listen to the Soundcodes


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