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Dao-Tha Soundcode Academy Online Shop

Featured trainings and courses

Here you will find downloadable CDs, Soundcodes on specific topics, and recorded seminars and courses that you can attend at any time regardless of scheduled online appointments.

So you can learn when it fits into your schedule. The program will be continuously expanded, so it is worthwhile to check back here from time to time.

Enjoy browsing, experiencing and learning!

Learn to work with the soundcodes

Online Classes

The work with sound codes can be a good complement to any other work for the person – then you can consider all the offers I make as trainings.

But it is also possible to become self-employed exclusively with the soundcodes and the information they contain.

Meditation through music (Download)
Experience your own inner balance - Healing songs and music Diese Aufnahme ist dafür gedacht,...
Music Therapy (Download)
Healing in the field of love - underlaid with specific Soundcodes This recording is intended...

This recordings are designed to provide healing information to the body, soul and mind in a state of deep relaxation, which can be a help to self-help on all levels of being – physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Within the recording “Music Therapy” Soundcodes are underlaid.

DHS Consciousness Exercises

This Healing Music in Trance supports the optimal function of the various nervous systems and the organs in the chest area without having a direct influence on the healing of diseases. The Soundcodes can be used universally wherever there is a problem with the various systems.

Brain areas that do not function optimally, stress-related, functional and anatomical disorders in the nervous system, disorders in the rhythm of the heart, stress-related, functional and anatomical disorders of the heart, the thyroid gland and the respiratory organism can experience relief.

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