Soundcodes for Download

Possibilities for using Soundcodes

  • Sound codes can either be sung or listened to by yourself. If you want to use them for longer, the easiest way to learn them is to have them with you. Just sing along in the beginning!
  • As you can already hear, it makes sense to sing each sound code 3 – 7 times, each time you want to use it.
  • If you want to hear them every day or sing – fine. Not more than 2x a day and each time not more than 7x in succession is recommended.
  • You can also select certain sound codes and sing or hear for a specific time. Here are recommended 3, 7, 9 or at most 21 days. Then take a break.
  • It is possible to use sound codes in various contexts as complementary tools. Let yourself be inspired.

Damage cannot arise. 

You dare! Singing is the best. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Have fun trying it out!

Audio files you can listen to and for singing along:


Anxiety is an illusion (Soundcode 1060)

When we are affraid, we are always projecting into the future. Something that is...

Authenticity (Soundcode 1066)

To be authentic we need courage and self-trust. When we live in times of great pressure...

Grace (Soundcode 1037)

A great spiritual teacher of the last century used to say, that someone, who does...

Guilt is a lie (Soundcode 1075)

Guilt is a wonderful tool to keep people dependent and easily manipulated. The idea...

Heart intelligence (Soundcode 1188)

Heart intelligence is something that we all possess and that helps us to discern...

Peace within (Soundcode)

This bunch of Soundcodes is meant to be listened to and used for singing along. They...

Remember who I am (Soundcode 1226)

Who are you? All the scriptures tell us that we are part of the Divine. This Soundcode...

Space of self-empowerment (Soundcode 1225)

Throughout the course of our life we have learned to assimilate and have forgotten,...

State of love (Soundcode 1008)

This love is without limitation and universal in nature. It is significantly different...

Supreme light of Supreme love (Soundcode 1228)

Supreme light and love are the most important attributes of the Divine in us and...

To find your own center (Soundcode 1042)

When we find our own center, we are "at home" within ourselves. Much of what we experience...

To surrender to the flow of life (Soundcode 1227)

Let go of resistance against life – easy to say but sometimes difficult to do....