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The following downloads are now available: im Dynamis-Verlag und B

These recordings are designed for supporting body mind and soul. In a state of trance, induced through the specific sound technique, the Soundcodes will be able to work on all levels of being – physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual.

Soundcodes are a powerful tool of self healing without being manipulative in any way. They will work according to the openness and willingness of the receiver. The specific sound pattern will help to anchor them deeply in the system body-mind-soul.

Die Zielrichtung der Klangcodes kann physisch-energetisch, psychisch-energetisch oder spirituell-energetisch sein. In jedem Fall ist die Information spezifisch und kann durch die unterstützenden dreidimensionalen, harmonisierenden Rauschformen tief im System verankert werden. Use headphones for listening to this recording, for the sound technique work in its full capacity. Der Effekt der Rauschtechnik geht ebenso verloren durch Komprimierung oder Transcodierung (wie MP3, WMA, AAC). Die Komprimierung schneidet für unsere Ohren nicht hörbare Frequenzbereiche heraus.

The Soundcodes are supplemented by the sound forms. (Hemispheric Synchronization). Harald Wessbecher, developer of the DES method and spiritual researcher and teacher, who has delivered many of his lectures directly from the spiritual level – he calls this “Harald2” – explored and developed this unique sound technique. These alone can cause a state of deep physical and mental relaxation, which can release the consciousness from identification with the body and experience its independence. Thus, it is open for new healing, balancing, consciousness-expanding and regenerative impulses.