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Basic Training for Soundcode Therapy in working with humans (ONLINE)

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This is the 2nd part of the basic training for Soundcode Therapy.


The seminar Universal Soundcodes 1 should be attended in advance, because it introduces the work on humans as well as on animals. It is also useful to have at least a first session on working with the atlas before attending the live training units.


This class will enable you to work with the Atlas and Coccyx as well as the whole alignment of the body from top to bottom. The human system body, mind soul is the focus of this class.


Elisabeth Westermann is offering trainings only for the European countries. The dates and times are chosen according to European time-zones. Elisabeth is only training online as for now. In the US you can find trainers who will work with you in person, also with the first part, the Universal Soundcodes 1 class.  Please go to to find more information.


The basic training for working with humans is one of 3 parts that make up the entire training to become a Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapist. For effective work on humans and/or animals it is necessary to attend all 3 parts.


Part 1 is a video training and available in the store. Please click here…


This part should be worked through before attending part 2 or part 3. If you then want to learn first the work on humans (part 2) or the work on animals (part 3) is your own decision.

Only after attending both you are a fully trained Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapist and can set up your own business with this work.


Seminar times:

Friday: 17.00 – ca. 22.00 o’clock German Time Berlin

Saturday: 14.00 – approx. 22.30 o’clock German Time Berlin

Sunday: 14.00 – approx. 18.30 o’clock German Time Berlin

Breaks are planned.

It is advisable not to take anything more in the evening, because what has been learned needs to be digested.



For more information about the course and the whole training:Please click here ….

Elisabeth can be contacted here:

For sign in please contact Andrea Wirk:

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