Details about Soundcode Therapy training

The Soundcodes are a powerful energy field that can work in all areas of life, physically,on the soul level and mentally. If you decide to get trained as a sound code therapist, the soundcodes will work for you as well.

An education therefore includes different levels:

First, your own body-soul-mind structure will experience healing and vibrational enhancement. Transformation will happen, often unnoticed, unspectacular. The healer in you will be trained.

Then it’s about imparting knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the body – because you will work very specifically on the body.

The voice is supported in order to develop. This also happens quite naturally and usually very unspectacular. The results are often amazing.

Gradually, the individual soundcodes will be taught that you will use for the work. You’ll get schemas – if you find it difficult to read notes – and audios, where I sing the individual Soundcodes.

During all this time we are working practically – on ourselves and on humans and animals.

Technically speaking, the entire training comprises 2 consecutive seminars:

Basic education and advanced course. Details about the contents of both seminars can be found under the section Training on our website.

If you later work on humans or animals, you have the choice of either singing aloud or thinking the sound codes inwardly, and then, just as in mental osteopathy or fascia work, simply touching the human or the animal. You will find that often not even the touch is necessary.

Cost and payment

The basic training for sound code therapy for humans and animals currently costs 2.800 €
incl. 100 € fee for materials and registration.

The online advanced course costs 690 €.