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Soundcode Therapy Training Atlas and Body in Balance – online

The training always is for working with humans as well as animals. 

When we look at horse and rider, that makes perfect sense anyway. But there is more to it. Humans have an instinct nature, where the Soundcodes for animals are very helpful tools. And the pets and horses that are living with us have adopted a lot of what we as humans carry around with us. So they can benefit from the human Soundcodes as well. That is the real reason why I decided to combine the trainings in order to work with both of them.

The training will first of all enable you to work with the Atlas, the first vertebra of the spine. This region of the body is very critical and important for a good bodyfunction on all levels.

I can even say, that sometimes when you do not know what to do next because nothing seems to really work, it makes a lot of sense to think of working with the Atlas. I have witnessed miracles and it is undoubtedly clear that this region has been a major factor in moving forward toward a better overall health situation.

The so called „natural misalignment“ of horses is completely correctible and usually disappears completely after this treatment is done. The horses gait is in line, and the animal is relaxed in the hind and back region. When working with elderly dogs, we see that they start walking in line again and relax in the back region. Their gait is improved and the tail is swinging free again.

Working with animals concerning the Atlas misplacement seems to be quite a new idea. I and the people I trained  see though how important it can be. We see how much sense it makes to correct this region in order to help the animals improve their gait, gain more flexibility at the very least. Additionally, they can have improved vitality, more calmness, and other beneficial side effects.  Every horse that performs jumping or dressage will benefit greatly from the Atlas Balancing.

Of cause we are also adressing all of the other parts of the system, including emotions and subtle levels with the Soundcode work.

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Impressions from the training

The group is singing Soundcodes for the horse.


It was a very relaxed atmosphere from the beginning. Haley was very attentive but always unsure about the singing, he was experiencing.

Before the treatment, it was clear on the gait that the trot was stiff.

Haley’s gait before and after the treatment.

Before the treatment, the head was bent laterally. Left a little more agile than right. A correct bend was not possible. The head was firm.

While the treatment was going on Haley stopped for the moment and moved closer to Rieke and was very attentive. She always tried to touch her nose with her nose. Also, the book which Rieke held in her hands was always peer reviewed. Being close to people are a problem for Haley. Here, however, nothing was noticeable at first.

After the session, I had the impression that Haley was radiating something joyful, attentive. She seemed somehow relieved and obviously looking for closeness to us. She came up to me and also to Rieke and was friendly to us. This may be a normal behavior of horses, but not with Haley, who has a problem being close to humans. Little is known about her history there.

We wanted to see if the head could bend further. Haley then left – as always away – and did not really want to take her halter. But that’s her typical behavior. She was really doing well for the circumstances.

Haley’s head mobility before and after the treatment.

At the bend, the head flexed easily in both directions.That was obvious and really amazing to watch. And it felt much looser. Afterwards during the gait we saw a relaxed, fast trot and the back moved loosely over the croup.

I drove home and had worked as usual and done my duties. But what struck me, was that I was so exhausted and tired and almost immediately afterwards fell into bed and slept deeply and firmly.
I do not often experience that.

Owner of Haley, June 30th, 2019 2. August 2019

My own experiences

Stella after the treatment
Stella before the treatment

Stella, the bitch (female dog) of Conny and Thomas from Wannsee. She clearly lost all her stress after treatment for her and the owners. Now is she is a happy and healthy dog. Her gait has changed completely. She ran very stiff, now the back is swinging freely and in the shoulders the movement looks like a lion. Her head is free to move left and right – before there were restrictions, especially in the movement to the left. In the meantime, both Conny and Thomas have undergone the training to become soundcode therapists. Conny saw Stella begin to co-work with her when she is giving sessions. Sometimes she even “sings” with her. It is very clear that it has a very positive influence on the treatments, especially when it comes to animals! An amazing being, this dog, and what a wonderful development for her, as she was forced to experience a lot of trauma and stress as a puppy.

Elisabeth Westermann

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