Project Description

Soundcode Therapy Training Atlas and Body in Balance – online

The basic training includes the basic class “Universal Soundcodes”.

This class will enable you to work with the Atlas and Coccyx as well as the whole alignment of the body from top to bottom.

The training incorporates working with humans as well as animals.

When you think of Soundcodes for both horse and rider it is obvious that that makes a lot of sense. But there is another important reason for teaching Soundcodes for animals together with Soundcodes for humans: Humans have an instinct part, that plays an important role in being healthy. In this aspect, humans are mammals, so the Soundcodes for animals will be very helpful. Vice versa we see, that the pets and horses that are deeply connected with their holders or owners also tend to adopt human traits and karmas. So it makes a lot of sense to use Soundcodes for humans on them in many cases as well.

If you would like to know more about the training, read more here:……

Fee: 2100€, 7 days I am offering this training online to make it easier on you to be able to attend.

Scheduled classes are under: Upcoming events

Impressions from the training


Testimonial of Rieke Petersen

My name is Rieke-Marie Petersen, I work a lot with animals (mainly horses), children and adults.

I am a trained horsemanship trainer and pass this on to my clients in courses or individual lessons.

I am also a hoof orthopedist and learned the first level of Centered Riding, which is part of my teaching on the horse.

For the first time in 2018 I came into contact with the work of Elisabeth Westermann when she sang for two horses of mine with an instructor group and immediately felt that the soundcodes worked on such a fine level and are so valuable that in August 2018 I also trained with her.

Since then, the soundcodes have been with me throughout my life. It is always so wonderful to see how they work and what a joy they give to humans, animals and the earth.

I am so grateful that Elisabeth’s soundcodes have came into my life.

Rieke Petersen

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