Project Description

Online workshops for working on different parts of the body

  • Organs: Regeneration and rebuilding stamina (life power…) in the organs
  • Glands: Regain balance in the endocrine gland-system
  • Chakras: Activating and balancing  the chakras
  • Meridians: Balancing and activating the flow of the meridians
  • Nervous systems: Harmony and balance amongst the nervous systems. New aspects of nervous functioning are shared
  • Organs of the future

We will be teaching Soundcodes, that you can use on yourself and others, also on your pets and horses.

We are not geared toward healing specific diseases. The Soundcodes will support the physical, emotional and mental system in regeneration and recovery as well as addressing self-healing in a general way.

We also have another focus, that we found is very essential for a healthy body:  This is, to reestablish connection even at the level of organs, glands, chakras and meridians. What do we mean by that? All of our physical systems are in constant communication with each other internally, as well as with other people,  animals and the earth itself. Most of us have forgotten, that this connection is not only possible but essential for us on so many levels. The Soundcodes help us to remember that we are connected, and always have been.

This year – 2019, some of these classes are still available online live. Soon we will start recording them. If you prefer to see me online in person, take advantage of the remaining classes this year.

Scheduled classes are under: Upcoming events

Fee: 170€. reduced Price: 96€  4 – 5 hours, when live.

We are preparing for selling packages of these classes if you are interested to experience them live please take advantage of the classes offered this year (2019).