Project Description

Basic class: Universal Soundcodes

First part of the training for Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy. This class can be booked alone, if you are merely interested in working with universal soundcodes for humans as well as animals.

The Soundcodes you will learn in this class can be used for animals as well as humans in an universal sense. They are working on the physical as well as psychological and energetic levels and can be used by practically everybody anywhere. These classes are taught online.

The Soundcodes that you will learn here can be used for humans as well as animals. They are working on an energetic and psychological level.

You will not learn any soundcodes that are working directly on the physical system. However you can use the universal soundcodes also for physical matters in addition  to other tools of healing. Examples of soundcodes, that you will learn in this class: State of Love, Clearing, Healing Heartbreaks, Grace

This class is the first part of the online training for Soundcode Therapy. Soundcode Therapy training is only done online in the english language. If you would like to attend an english class in Europe held by me personally, please let me know. I am generally open for that.

Fee: 440€. 1 ½ to 2 days.

Scheduled classes are under: Upcoming events


Testimonial of Cornelia Merz

Mare “Quad” was treated by the veterinarian in the right eye due to periodic eye inflammation. Years ago, the horse had a surgery on the same eye because of this diagnosis.
Two days after symptom development, the atlas correction was performed. The owner delivered the mare a day later to the veterinary clinic. She stayed there 4 days without surgery as the eye got better every day.

Cornelia Merz

Testimonial by Elisabeth Westermann

Thado after the treatment

Thado, Thado, my own tomcat, always had the opportunity to pick up a treatment. It was very clear that he liked it very much. The effects were obvious. He only knew tension when he was hunting. This was his preferred sleeping posture.

Elisabeth Westermann