Experiences and testimonials

Atlas and Body in Balance

Personal experiences and testimonials. This kind of reaction you might also get when working on people and animals after you have been trained as a Soundcode Therapist.

Testimonial of Sylvia G.

“When I first met Elisabeth, I
regularly had to deal with severe migraine episodes that have severely affected
my work and my life.

After the Dao-Tha Soundcode session, I had no more migraines. It was interesting that in the first time the “aura” sometimes still came, but the migraine afterwards did not come. Meanwhile, I do not have the „aura“ any more either. I’m feeling fine.”

Sylvia G., Berlin

Testimonial of Corinna Bettinger

“Yesterday I treated my first Person and the sound beings have helped the client wonderfully. :-)

He was totally excited
and it has moved a lot …He felt as the atlas moving into the right position,
had 15 minutes later diarrhea, was totally exhausted and his jaw has
reoriented, so he chewed differently. He also said that he could now think and
grasp things much faster, but the articulation was still too slow … “

Corinna Bettinger

My own experiences:

Here in the north of Germany I have a lively cooperation with a Waldorf school and the resident school doctor. He is sending the children from the “Bridge Class” with the problem of ADD and ADHD to me. I have been told that the children afterwards easily reached maturity, allowing them to easily transition to a normal school setting. Restlessness and concentration were no longer an important topic, for example.

Elisabeth Westermann