Advanced Course for Soundcode Therapists

This online class is meant to support you in your work with Soundcodes for humans as well as animals. Not only will I teach the horizontal alignment for those of you, who have not learned it yet, I will also share my own experiences with special situations that I face, when working with the Soundcodes.

I will teach you a lot of new codes that can be very helpful, sometimes even essential for the body-mind-soul system to be able to heal itself.

Here are some examples of what will be taught:

  • Sphenoid
  • Musculus piriformis
  • Healing Balm
  • Self forgiveness
  • Re-centralizing 
  • Peace
  • Gratitude
  • You are a Divine Being
  • Regeneration nerves
  • Regeneration ligaments
  • Sacral bone
  • Wings
  • Special codes for animals
  • Unicorn and Pegasus for horses

I will teach you 39 additional codes within these days and give you a lot of new information about how and why to use them on humans and animals.