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Elisabeth U.H. Westermann

I was born into a family that was very connected with classical music. My mother used to play the piano and had a lot of other musicians coming to play chamber music together. We were singing a lot when walking and  hiking. I sang before I was even able to speak clearly. As a youngster my main interest in school was natural science and music, I played the violin, sang and loved to dance. In high school  I started to also read books and attend seminars on spiritual matters and alternativehealing. Music was still a big part of my life.

Trainings and qualifications:

  • Health counselor for back, feet and joints.
  • University studies in human biology and psychology, with several trainings in special fields of psychology.
  • Atlasprof at the Atlas-Academy Switzerland with Rene C. Schümperli.
  • Healing practitioner for animals
  • Profound trainings in different types of massage: foot reflexology, psychoenergetic massage, Dorn-Breuss treatments, Lomi massage, and several types of specialty massage from the USA. After having learned all of these I also taught massage over a period of several years.
  • Different forms of subtle energy work: Oneness Deeksha trainer, Universal Whitetime Healing, Reiki, work in the field of energetic information, quantum field healing, and matrix work.
  • Various kinds of training for working with voice: I studied classical singing at the University of Detmold, Germany, and went through alternative trainings in Werbeck singing, as well as functional voice training with Prof. Rabine Weimar and functional voice work with Prof. Gisela Rohmert, in Darmstadt, Germany.
  • Music Therapist
  • Minister at large in the New Age Institute of Metaphysics PA

In 1995 I started developing a voice therapy that I called Singing Heart, and discovered the Soundcodes for spiritual healing.

In 2011 it all came together, by inventing and developing Atlas Balancing, where a gentle, energetic  touch (like a general Touch for Health®) along with specific Soundcodes are used to integrate the healthy information that the body already posesses for a balanced and healthy positioning of the atlas. The body will take care of the repositioning of the atlas as well as the balancing of the whole body system through decoding this innate information.

In the year 2015 the work with Atlas Balancing got a major upgrade. Soundcode Therapy and Soundcode Healing were born!

In 2017 “Universal Soundcodes for working with humans and animals” were taught for the first time.

Classes, Group Sessions and Trainings are now offered online for the english speaking countries.

In 2017 I started to incorporate working on supporting the healthy function of organs, meridians and glands.

The whole body of work got a new name, that describes very clearly what the effects of this work can be: DAO-THA Soundcodes. Details can be found on the “Home” page.

I am an ordained minister of the “Ecumenical Church of Light” in Pennsylvania.

Elisabeth U.H. Westermann is working as a spiritual healer and health consultant.
She does not diagnose, and the results vary with each individual. Her focus is on triggering and strengthening the healthy components, the self-healing part of the human beings, and on supporting their personal development and awakening.

Elisabeth can be reached at

Here you can find my Telegram channels

Dao-Tha Soundcode Academy

This is an information channel for those interested in the Soundcode work. Interviews and videos are shared, as well as short information about events. Questions can be asked in the chat.

Codes of joy

Dao Tha Soundcode Academy: Elisabeth shares insights, supporting ideas, suggestions & sound codes.